About the Book

The book, No-Nonsense Life Skills, Managing Your Stress, has 13 chapters, such as Time Awareness, Rewards, Self-Esteem, Truthfulness, Decision-Making, and Unrealistic Expectations. The author uses humor to make his point while at the same time challenges each person to use the Life Skills.

The author is speaking from his own experiences. Each chapter has suggestions for the reader to use. The guarantee to each person is that these Life Skills will cut through your daily stress so that Life can be lived more abundantly. While there is no magic formula or magical wand to get rid of everyday problems and challenges, an individual can use the Life Skills in dealing effectively with the issues while at the same time enhancing one’s life and relationships.

Each chapter is dedicated to a different group of individuals who have had a positive impact on the author’s life. This was originally written as a legacy for his current clients. However, the more he wrote, the more he needed to say. So rather than being a few pages, it developed into this book. The author makes a promise to anyone who responds to him about the book, either by his e-mail, letter, or his website, that he will answer. However, if the comments are negative in scope, please re-read the book once again to glean the positives. You many have read dozens of self-help books, and while this book doesn’t claim to be superior, one thing is for sure: you certainly won’t forget the principles, especially if you apply them to your life.

Interested in learning more? You can purchase the book here. 

Ray is also on Facebook and Twitter. 


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